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Situated in Greasby, the Appleton Clinic is the ideal environment for treatments that are best suited to a clinical environment offering podiatry and chiropody services in the wirral.

Visiting the clinic

Our Podiatrists at Appleton Footcare provide all patients with the same personalised, experienced care. The clinic is modern, bright and spacious, with the highest standards of hygiene and sterilisation. Parking is off-road and easy to access.

Appleton Footcare is led by Alex who is an HCPC Registered Podiatrist with over 30 years of extensive clinical experience, 22 of those within the NHS.

For clients that can’t make it to the Appleton clinic, we can bring a range of Podiatry and Chiropody treatments to your home.

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Our Services


Routine chiropody

General foot and nail care to improve comfort and reduce any aches or pains. This routine service is ideal for patients that struggle to look after their own footcare because of poor eyesight, difficulty bending, arthritis, or any other health conditions. We also regularly provide treatments for patients who are on their feet a lot or have recurring foot problems.

The Routine Chiropody service includes professional nail cutting and reduction, hard skin removal, and corn and callus removal. All treatments are finished off with a relaxing foot massage and personalised footcare advice.

Podiatry Clinic services in the Wirral - routine chiropody

Diabetic footcare

As HCPC registered Podiatrists we have extensive experience in treating low and high risk  patients with diabetes. We will check your circulation, and sensations, as well as any nail cutting or callus/corn removal that’s needed. Your treatment will end with helpful guidance on keeping your feet healthy.
Podiatry Clinic services in the Wirral - diabetic foot treatment

Nail surgery 

A minor surgical procedure to treat and remove painful toenails with use of local anaesthetic. Ingrowing and damaged toenails can be very painful, prone to infection, and interfere with walking and standing.

We will examine your nail issues and identify the best surgical treatment, whether it requires a simple adjustment or local anaesthetic. After the treatment, you will be advised on healthy nail care and ingrowing nail prevention.

Podiatry Clinic services in the Wirral - Nail surgery

Fungal nail treatment

Effective fungal nail treatment and prevention. We use the Lacuna Method, which targets the infection at its source, preventing it from spreading and helping the damaged nail regrow.

We will make micro holes in the nail plate with a small micro burr drill, so the Lamisil anti-fungal spray can penetrate the nail plate and reach the nail bed. The patient will then apply the same fungicidal spray daily at home, and come back to the clinic for a 6-8 week review with to check the infection has cleared and the nail is healing.

Podiatry Clinic services in the Wirral - fungal nail treatment


Verrucae can be completely painless or very painful and are sometimes mistaken for corns. Our therapy includes proper diagnosis, and treatment which is evidenced based. As a verruca is caused by the wart virus they can often disappear on their own.
Podiatry Clinic services in the Wirral - Verruca treatment

Warm Wax Therapy


A soothing treatment to soften skin and ease joint pain. Recommended for arthritic feet and hands, warm wax therapy uses melted paraffin wax to treat a variety of foot/hand problems.

Your feet/hands will be coated in warm, soothing paraffin wax, which will soften dry skin, ease arthritic pain.

Warm Wax Therapy is an add on treatment to the Routine Chiropody treatment.

Podiatry Clinic services in the Wirral - Warm wax treatment

What our clients say:

Alex visits me on a regular basis and makes my feet feel wonderful, and I look forward to her visits. She has a very pleasant and cheerful manner, and has always been the same all the years I have known her.

My husband and I have been so pleased to find Alex. My husband is disabled and Alex has handled our situation with both skill and concern. We can highly recommend her.

I have had my feet treated by Alex Houghton and have always found her to be professional and friendly as well as knowledgeable about my after care.

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