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We have been providing mobile Podiatry services to the Wirral for over 12 years. We look after patients with a variety of health conditions and abilities, keeping their feet healthy and comfortable.

Podiatary Treatment at home

If making it to the Podiatry clinic isn’t possible, we can come to you. Using mobile equipment, we will make sure your treatment is effective and comfortable. At-home treatments are just as sterile and professional as clinic-based treatments, with sterilised individual instruments for every patient and confidential treatment records.

 Your feet will be cleansed before every treatment, then we will take care of any painful, unsightly or health-related foot complaints you have. After your treatment, we will provide a relaxing foot massage as well as nailcare and footcare advice.

 For complex treatments more suited to a clinical environment, book an appointment at the Appleton Footcare Clinic in Greasby.

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Our Services


Nail Cutting

We will keep your nails trimmed and comfortable, with smooth, clean edges that minimise the likelihood of ingrowing nails and infections.

Mobile Chiropodist Wirral - nail cutting


Painful callus and corns will be treated and removed, easing pressure and discomfort. We will target the root cause of the corn or callus and provide you with preventative advice to avoid any future issues.

Mobile Chiropodist Wirral - Callus and Corn removal


Abnormal toenail growth can be very painful. Our treatment starts with diagnosing the cause of the ingrown toenail. We will then reduce pain by treating the nail and provide you with a plan for keeping the nail healthy and pain-free in the future.

Mobile Chiropodist Wirral - ingrowing toenail treatment


Verrucas can be completely painless or very painful and are sometimes mistaken for corns. Our therapy includes proper diagnosis, and treatment which is evidenced based. As a verruca is a virus they can often disappear on their own.

Mobile Chiropodist Wirral - Verruca treatment


As HCPC registered Podiatrists we have extensive experience in treating low and high risk patients with diabetes. We will check your circulation, and sensations, as well as any nail cutting or callus/corn removal that’s needed. Your treatment will end with helpful guidance on keeping your feet healthy.

Mobile Chiropodist Wirral - Diabetic foot screening and treatment

What our clients say:

Alex visits me on a regular basis and makes my feet feel wonderful, and I look forward to her visits. She has a very pleasant and cheerful manner, and has always been the same all the years I have known her.

My husband and I have been so pleased to find Alex. My husband is disabled and Alex has handled our situation with both skill and concern. We can highly recommend her.

I have had my feet treated by Alex Houghton and have always found her to be professional and friendly as well as knowledgeable about my after care.

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